We got into the business of raw pet food in PA because we want our — and your — four-legged friends to be healthy.

But sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Take the modern housecat.

Some of them are lithe and playful…others are…shall we say…more “Garfieldian.”

If your cat is in the former category, then you may want to skip this blog entry and continue your search for raw pet food.

But if you’ve begun to think your cat could stand to get more exercise, read on.

1 – Schedule playtime

Set aside some time each day for you and your cat to play. Cats are at their most energetic early in the morning or in the evening, so you may want to set aside 10-15 minutes for play before work or after dinner.

You may also want to try to play with them before meals, so your cat can hone their hunting instincts and “catch” their food.

And if your cat gets bored with playing, they’ll let you know. Put their toys away, give them some praise, along with some treats.

2 – Rotate in new toys

Pay attention to the types of toys your cat responds to and use that to shape your decision when it comes time to buy new toys. If they go after things that have feathers, pick up more feathery toys. The more your cat likes their toys, the less likely it is they’ll get bored.

Keep in mind that your cat will be particularly pleased with herself if she can sink her claws or teeth into her toys. Let them indulge this urge, with the knowledge that you’ll have to replace the toy in question once it’s worn out.

3 – Take play to a new “level”

Cats like to climb. A multi-story cat tree or house — when placed in an open area — gives your cat the chance to run and jump.

4 – Pinatas aren’t just for birthday parties

Cats also love to swat at dangly things, especially if they know they’ll be rewarded with food. That’s where the cat pinata comes in.

We’re not talking about the type of things kids hit with a stick at birthday parties. This is a bit more DIY, maybe an old yogurt container with a hole cut in the bottom with a couple of treats inside. Hang the container with a piece of string, and let your cat bat at it to retrieve a treat.

5 – Wear a tail

Tuck a piece of string into your back pocket to make a tail and let your cat chase you as you move through the house. Just make sure you’re supervising at all times, as it’s dangerous for your cat to swallow the string.

6 – Go for a walk

This may not work for every cat, but your feline might be able to learn to walk on a leash, especially if you start teaching them at an early age, and if you have a cat that isn’t shy. Use a harness and make sure there aren’t any dogs roaming the neighborhood.

7 – When all else fails, use lasers

A laser pointer is a fantastic way to keep your cat entertained and exercised. Break it out and watch them go.

Raw Pet Food Store in PA

Just like we do, cats need exercise and a healthy diet. Happy Critters believes a diet of raw pet food is a good way to greatly improve your cat’s quality of life.

Visit our shop to see our menu of raw pet foods and don’t hesitate to contact us for questions about our products.