As a pet owner, we’ve no doubt that you love your furry little friend and want the best for them. Many dog lovers are notorious for taking even better care of their pets than they might offer themselves! All jokes aside, gone are the days in which your choices for dog food were limited to dry kibble and canned food. Nowadays, the options are much more diverse and truly let you make the best choice for your pet such as natural dog food.

What Is in Raw and Natural Dog Food?

Raw dog food has some truly hearty ingredients in it. It typically has organ meats, muscle meat, ground up bones, raw eggs, and sometimes other ingredients to round out the nutritional profile such as certain dairy.

What is Dog Kibble Made Of?

Kibble is a much more concocted food. Kibble largely contains things such as corn gluten, meat meal which consists of ground up meat by-products, powdered fruits and vegetables, preservatives and other ingredients to stabilize the mix of food or make it more palatable. If it doesn’t sound appealing, you wouldn’t be wrong in feeling that way.

With the internet allowing for easy transmission of information, more and more pet owners have been able to learn more about what truly goes in the products they buy. In the case of kibble, many brands of kibble are completely unsuitable to feed to your pet. Once you know what goes in them, you’ll be horrified to think you could have even fed that to your pet.

However, it’s important to also note that not all brands of kibble are bad. There are many brands that offer healthier alternatives to unhealthy kibble brands with questionable ingredients.

Which One is Healthier?

Assuming that we choose a healthy brand of kibble for the sake of fairness—which one is healthier? Raw food or Kibble?

While the section on kibble is longer and more detailed, sometimes simplicity is a key indicator of superiority. Of course, at Happy Critters Pet Food, we think raw food is the superior choice. We only ask that you think about it in the same way you would think about your own food. Is it better for you to eat fresh, natural food, or dried food that was created?

As we said, a healthy kibble brand is nothing to scoff at, but nothing yet can beat what nature offers in the form of muscle and organ meats for the health of your pet. This is a diet they were meant to eat before they became domesticated.

Affordable and Natural Dog Food in Pennsylvania

Happy Critters Pet Food in Manheim, Pennsylvania is one of the best places in the state to get your hands on healthy, wholesome, and natural dog food that your furry friend is sure to be overjoyed with. There’s no greater joy than a nutritious and wholesome meal. We think your dog should get to experience that pleasure too!

More than that, our pet food is of the highest quality and responsible sourced in the United States. Whether you want to give your dog a steady diet of nutritious, natural food, or you simply want to occasionally treat them to a nice meal, Happy Critters Pet Food has the solution to your needs.

We deliver all throughout the state of PA, as well as some locations in NJ and MD. It’s simple! You order your food through our shop, and on the given date, pick it up at a location most convenient to you. For more information, check out our How it Works section.

If you have any questions about our products or your order, contact us today!