Raw food diets have been increasingly popular in the past two decades as pet owners take it upon themselves to educate themselves on healthier choices for their pets. The western world is going through a pendulum swing that seeks to correct the dietary imbalance that fast food and processed foods have had on the general population. Take that one step further and ask why it would be any different that feeding our pets highly refined grains, simple sugars, and other processed items is healthy or acceptable. These items which have been proven to be awful for human consumption do not belong in your pet’s diet either.

What is in Ordinary Pet Food?

If you read our last article, while good kibble brand exist, kibble as a whole is not healthy for a few reasons. The first is that kibble is highly processed so that the product can have an exceptionally long shelf life. So whatever nutrients kibble had are lost due to the high-heat and pressure cooking that is done to kill bacteria and keep the product stable on shelves. Like the refining process in human foods, many synthetic vitamins and nutrients are added back in at an attempt to make it nutritionally viable as well as provide a misleading nutritional label.

The second reason is that kibble has a high proportion of carbohydrates in the food. Of course, through the addition of refined grains and other items what you get is a very starchy product. The incidence of diabetes is rising in dogs and cats, while we won’t pretend to know all of the answers, it is very hard to believe that the transition away from raw foods—something dogs have eaten for hundreds of years, is not relevant.

Benefits of a Raw Diet For Your Pet

Raw food diets have many benefits that are quite similar to when people switch over to natural, whole food diets. On a raw food diet, you can expect your pup to have:

  • A leaner and more muscular build.
  • Improvements to their coat and skin health.
  • More focused and bright energy; well-being.
  • Cleaner teeth and better breath odor.

As you can see, these are some very significant benefits to your dog’s health. A leaner and more muscular build will keep your dog healthy and active for much longer in their lifespan. Due to the incidence of obesity in many dogs today, it’s fairly common for dogs to have issues with their hip or their joints in the legs, etc.

Raw Pet Food Pennsylvania

Happy Critters Raw Pet Food is based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. We’ve been proud to have had such a response in our community to providing raw pet food for those who are interested in taking their pet’s nutrition to the next level. We love our little furry guys and gals and want to see them live their lives with as much energy and vitality as can be. Happy Critters Raw Pet Food strongly believes a diet of raw pet food is one of the ways to significantly improve the quality of life for your pet.

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