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Blue Ridge Beef Weight Price
Kitten Grind 2lb 30lb case $66.00
Kitten Grind 2lb 2lb tube $8.40
Kitten Grind 5lb 30lb case $63.00
Kitten Mix 2lb 30lb case $70.00
Kitten Mix 2lb 2lb tube $8.80
Chicken with bone 2lb 30lb case $57.00
Chicken with bone 2lb 2lb tube $7.50
Chicken with bone 5lb 30lb case $54.00
Turkey with bone 2lb 30lb case $68.00
Turkey with bone 2lb 2lb tube $8.60
Quail with bone 2lb 30lb case $72.00
Quail with bone 2lb 2lb tube $9.00
Duck with bone 2lb 30lb case $72.00
Duck with bone 2lb 2lb tube $9.00
Beef for Dogs 2lb 30lb case $62.00
Beef for Dogs 2lb 2lb tube $8.00
Beef for Dogs 5lb 30lb case $59.00
Natural Mix 2lb 30lb case $65.00
Natural Mix 2lb 2lb tube $8.30
Natural Mix 5lb 30lb case $62.00
Puppy Mix 2lb 30lb case $66.00
Puppy Mix 2lb 2lb tube $8.40
Breeders Choice 2lb 30lb case $61.00
Breeders Choice 2lb 2lb tube $7.90
Breeders Choice 5lb 30lb case $58.00
Green Tripe 2lb 30lb case $74.00
Green Tripe 2lb 2lb tube $9.20
Green Tripe 5lb 30lb case $71.00
Beef with Bone 2lb 30lb case $63.00
Beef with Bone 2lb 2lb tube $8.10
Venison with bone 2lb 30lb case $72.00
Venison with bone 2lb 2lb tube $9.00
Complete 2lb 30lb case $92.00
Complete 2lb 2lb tube $11.00
Shank bones 30lb case $62.00
Shank bones 5lb bag $12.00
Meaty bones 30lb case $62.00
Meaty bones 5lb bag $12.00
Knuckle bones 30lb case $49.00
Knuckle bones 5lb bag $10.00
Titan by Ross Wells weight Price
Titan Blue 40lb tubed $74.00
Titan Blue 50lb bulk $80.00
Titan Blue 5lb tube $13.00
Titan Red 40lb tubed $80.00
Titan Red 50lb bulk $90.00
Titan Red 5lb tube $15.00
Salmon 40lb tubed $72.00
Green Tripe 40lb tubed $80.00
RawGanics Weight Price
Beef Complete 5lb $25.00
Beef Complete with Veggies 5lb $25.00
Beef Nuggets for Dogs 5lb $25.00
Beef Nuggets for Cats 5lb $25.00
Beef Organ mix 2lb $12.00
Chicken Complete 5lb $22.00
Chicken Complete with Veggies 5lb $22.00
Chicken nuggets for Dogs 5lb $25.00
Chicken nuggets for Cats 5lb $25.00
R75 Performance 5lb $28.00
Turkey Complete 5lb $27.00
Turkey Complete with Veggies 5lb $27.00
3 Meat Complete 5lb $25.00
Beef/Turkey Complete 5lb $25.00
Duck Complete 5lb $32.00
Duck Complet with veggies 5lb $32.00
Rabbit Complete 5lb $45.00
Rabbit Complete with veggies 5lb $45.00
Lamb Complete 5lb $45.00
Lamb Complete with veggies 5lb $45.00
Goat Milk 1qt $10.00
Human Grade Weight Price
Chicken Liver 5lb $8
Chicken Hearts 40lb $70
Chicken Boneless Breast 40lb $70
Chicken Backs 40lb $28
Chicken Necks 40lb $28
Chicken Bone-in Thighs 40lb $50
Chicken Boneless Thighs 40lb $72
Chicken Drumsticks 40lb $30
Chicken Quarters 40lb $30
Chicken Gizzards 40lb $60
Chicken Feet 20lb $45
Turkey Liver 1lb $3
Turkey Gizzards 30lb $60
Turkey Necks 30lb $40
Turkey Ground boneless 20lb $45
Duck Liver 1lb $5
Duck gizzards 10lb $32
Duck hearts 20lb $95
Duck necks 40lb $75
Duck heads 30lb $65
Duck wings 6lb $18
Beef Liver 1lb $3
Beef spleen 10lb $28
Beef kidney 10lb $28
Beef liver 30lb $55
Beef Boneless Chunks 10lb $32
Beef kidney 30lb $40
Beef heart chunks 10lb $25
Beef heart 55lb $90
Beef tongue 2lb avg $15
Beef oxtail 2lb avg $15
Beef heart individual 3-4lb $10
pork heart 30lb $40
pork liver 7lb $20
pork Ground boneless 10lb $28
pork boneless CHunks 10lb $22
Boneless pork loin 8lb $20
Fish Sardines 2lb $8
Fish smelt 1lb $4
Fish pollock fillets 10lb $30
Rabbit 2lb avg $10
Goat Cubes 2lb $10
Quail- 4pk 1lb6oz $10
Boneless Lamb Leg 3lb avg $20
Boneless Ground Lamb 10lb $70
Beef Marrow Bones (Long shank bones) 1 bone $1.50
Beef Knuckle bones (Large) 1 bone $1.50
Grass Fed Beef Chunks Bulk 45 lb. avg. box $125
Grass Fed Beef Small Chunks 1lb vac-pack avg $4.00
Long shank bones (marrow bones) Per Pc $1.50
Large Beef Chunks 5lb pack $20.00
Domestic Boar 40lb avg $65.00
Lean beef chunks(New Supplier) 10lb bag $27.00
Lean beef chunks BULK (New Supplier) 30lb bag $78.00
Beef Rib Bones Per Pc $2.00
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