It’s a Saturday night, you’ve either cooked a decadent meal or you’ve ordered out from your favorite restaurant. You seat yourself and savor the rich aroma of the food you’re about to eat, your beloved pet gingerly places themselves at your feet and looks up at you longingly. “No, this isn’t dog/cat food, this is people food!” You sternly tell them, but a part of your heartaches. Pet food even if it’s quality pet food doesn’t look particularly appealing, it’s certainly not a hot meal and sure, there are treats, but treats are more important for training and reinforcement than just feeding. What is there to do?

Is It Food or Feed?

If you ask any long-time pet owner, having a pet is like having a child—you love them and want the best for them. If you eat well, you’d want your pet to eat well too, right?

It’s not just a matter of taste, ordinary commercial dog food may or may not be as quality as you might think. While we can’t speak for any particular brand, it’s a guaranteed fact that many dog food companies choose to optimize profits and output over keeping facilities and product as clean as possible. Not to mention these foods are created with cheap ingredients that undoubtedly contain fillers and other such things.

And why would it be any different? We know for ourselves how many of the products meant for our own consumption are not particularly healthy, why should we be surprised that these same problems exist within the world of dog food manufacturers? So, the real question is…are you feeding your pet food or feed?

Healthy Pet Food

At Happy Critters, all of the food that we sell is curated so that no matter what you choose off of our site, you’re getting healthy food that you can feel good about feeding your pet with. For example, our very popular RAWganics Blends includes all-natural ingredients and meats that are put together in a well-balanced package that boasts a great nutritional profile. The food meets AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards.

Quality Pet Food in Pennsylvania

Happy Critters is proud to provide healthy and premium pet food options for concerned pet owners who want to give their pets the best they can offer. We have mixes for new puppies, options for foods with bone-in or boneless, as well as a variety of types of meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, and even venison!

If you’re in PA and you want a convenient and affordable option for healthy pet food, check out our shop! To place an order, simply go through the checkout process and as long as you order by the due date on the delivery schedule, you’ll be able to pick up your food hassle-free at the desired delivery location.

If you have any questions or concerns about our quality pet food or about an order you’ve placed, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (717)-575-6840!